Course Title      “Understanding Risks”

HKCAAVQ Approved Code: 85/185/02 (currently pending for re-approval process)

CPD         8 hours


This CPD course comprises of 3 individual modules.


Module 1: Risk Management Overview – 3 hours

Module 2: Principle and Practice of Projects Risk Management – 2hours

Module 3: Underwriting Basics – 3 hours

Intended Learning Outcomes:


On completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:


  1. to identify and evaluate rationally different aspects of risk factors and risk management within any organizations;
  2. critically evaluate the different scholastic strategies for risk treatment according to organization’s specific requirements, different factors of consideration in cross disciplines and future trends;
  3. understand and apply risk management framework to use for infrastructure projects in a practical manner;
  4. understand risk evaluation and analysis from insurance underwriters’ perspectives, so that a balanced view from both insured clients and underwriters can be obtained.