Traditionally, fire accidents were used to be one of the most common insurance claims to handle.

Nowadays, fire happens less frequently than before.  However, when a fire occurs, it can be quite devasting, with everything inside a building is a total loss.

At the time of loss, it is unusual to have the following different opinions between the Insured Clients and Insurance companies:

  1.  Is the building insuring on “new for old”? Whether depreciation should be deducted for insurance claims?
  2. Is the repair cost or reinstatement cost reasonable? Are the repair or reinstatement items actually damaged by the fire incident?
  3. Is the sum insured adequately to cover? If the sum insured is inadequate, how will be the insurance compensation be affected by under-insurance?
  4. Will financial loss be recoverable under the insurance policy?

As a claimant adjuster, we help the insured clients manage the fire claim process effectively.