Technic Essential (TE) is adopting InsurTech technology, aiming to (1) revolutionize the new form of risk assessment through advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Use of 360 camera for site inspection is one of the technologies helping insurance industry for both pre-loss (e.g. warehouse conditions at time of buying insurance) and after-loss (e.g. after a big fire) site inspection with fine details of photographic evidence on insured property conditions as if claims handlers from claims central office attending the insured property personally.

In a recent conference organized by Chartered Insurance Institute of Hong Kong, TE introduced the concept with a video prototype showing dollhouse effects, layout plan on different floors with measurement integrating with the walk-through style of photographs.

The interactive nature and 360 degrees vision of on-site 3D videos enhance the capability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) vision and create Image Classification and Object Detection in the future. This technology could instantly provide a measure of the extent of risk or loss from a photograph or video clip which is called “Photo-based Estimating” (PCB).

TE is a true believer in AR or 360 loss survey service to insurance companies and brokers.