Uninsured loss recovery is the recovery of those costs where they are incurred as a result of a non fault accident.

Technic Essential specialises in identifying exactly what losses have been incurred, and then ensuring that these are all recovered in full from the at fault party or their insurers.

It is becoming more frequent that policyholders have such uninsured damage scenarios for a number of reasons. These include, but are not limited to:

•        High Deductibles.

•        Exclusions

•        Being Under insured.

•        Having limited amounts of coverage for certain types of loss.

•        Co-insurance penalties.

•        Gaps in coverage.

•        Non-Covered Property

The greater the uninsured loss, the more important for a claims handler working on behalf of the insurance policyholder to orchestrate a procedure to recover uninsured losses. Our firm strongly suggests that policyholders retain their own claims handler, even if it is solely to work out subrogation agreements with the insurer.

Technic Essential acts for the victims of such incidents and we will argue your case and recover the money you have lost as a result of it. Depending on the level of insurance cover, the most common losses for motor-related incidents.